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Nutritional Science Technology Ltd(NST) provides innovative solutions to the dietary supplement, food and beverage and low glycemic industries. NST helps companies develop unique nutritional products for their market.

The NST science and technology team is on the forefront of sport nutrition and nutraceutical research. With 30 years experience in the glycemic index, nanotechnology, nutritional genomics, L-Arginine, obesity, adipose tissue fat storage and more, our team is a world leader in the industry. Supported by human in-vivo clinical trails in adults, children, athletes and diabetics.

What We Do

Sport Supplement Solutions

Our sport experts have an in-depth knowledge of sport nutrition and athletic performance. With over 25 years experience in coaching, recovery and regeneration, athlete nutrition and hydration at all levels of sport from amateur to professional our sport team is a leader in the industry. This experience has allowed us to test, refine and perfect our science to create cutting edge products and formulate sport products to meet the needs of the athlete.

Health & Wellness

NST products and formulations incorporate a science that addresses the mind & body axis allowing us to deliver raw materials and finished products like nothing the market place has ever seen. Our product and ingredient science overcomes the current challenges associated with designing and formulating appropriate health and wellness products that are acceptable in terms of taste, mouth-feel, nutrition profile and most importantly,  biochemical response.

Weight Management

The key to developing a world lending weight management program is the understanding of the fat-stimulating properties of foods. Glycemic Indexing; allowing better control over fat-driven fat storage and obesity. All foods, drinks and nutraceutical products are either burned as energy in the body or shunted into adipose tissue fat cells. NST's science and technology team ate on the forefront of this groundbreaking research involving the Glycemic Index.

Experts in Product Development

Low Glycemic Solutions in food and beverages

Proprietary ingredient technologies for clients seeking one-of -a kind formulas and products

Sports-specific drinks and sport-carbohydrate gels

Blood Glucose Balance Technologies in Sport Science, Caffeine, Beverages & Foods

Ingredients Technology: Development of natural sugars, sweeteners and carbohydrates

Low Glycemic Protein Powders for weight management and sports nutrition

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